I have missed, as wordpress calls it, ‘my blogging home’ and having realised why I write this again thanks to wonderful “I know I need to stop Talking” I have redescovered the purpose of you, my dear, dear blog. So here we are, and this is all I want, a place to pour out my words – not when I am this drined, but soon, soon, when i can breathe again and in the meantime a place to put things like this photo – because this blog is my space – I don’t have to wait for the ideal anecdote to present itself – it just is…

this is what I want from my life – this feeling

and this

because that is where I am now – so what I want and where I am….and thats it for now.



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2 responses to “Missing

  1. This post is a bit scary because I’ve been going through some ‘what is my blog for’ thoughts over the past few days. I like the idea of a me space!

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