In Recess

As I was. I tried “In Repose” only it wasn’t that regal, I tried “In Rest” but it really wasn’t, It was like Recess – a bruised apple, lots of noise, screaming, getting tangled in elastic, children everywhere, falling over, scraped knees, games, and running from one place to another. That is almost exactly what the last few months have been

And this is where I realise I cannot write this in “Quick Press” (when did this come about anyway?)

But in this time I have been collecting things – like new blogs – Maxbella loves

And photos, so just so I stay in the habit of putting something here, of having an online presence here is the first of my rather large collection of images on my computer labelled “for blog”…just to fill in till Wednesday and “Hump Day Happiness” comes around..



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2 responses to “In Recess

  1. Thanks for the link, April and your lovely comment on my blog. It really made my day and I am very, very touched that I am able to make yours’ some days. Reading over your blog I can see that you are having a hard time right now, which makes me sad. Your writing is beautiful, so it may yet lead you out of your tunnel. Don’t be afraid to share what weighs you down and it may bring you the answers you deserve. x

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