Grateful Saturdays


Okay – so I need a mind break from the ultra heavy post I am writing right now – so I am following the trend of Maxabella and also Naomi at Under The Yardarm and writing a “This saturday I am Greatful for”

1. My inability to spell or punctuate properly – you can always tell when I have written something :) I have some quite unique spelling patterns.

2. Pete Murray – In particular “Feeler” – reminding me of Melbourne and Summer and being happy – when I can’t really remember happy very much.

3. On line friends.

4. Family and the happiness they can bring.

5. Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger (if for no other reason than her surname) it is shaping up to be a Fantastic book.

and, on line wedding photos – they give me a hope of love :)




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2 responses to “Grateful Saturdays

  1. Oh, so nice to see a new face! Thanks for linking up with me.

    I confess I have a love hate affair with Pete Murray. He reminds me of some very good times when he was standard-issue on the stereo wherever we went, but these days all I hear is whine, whine, whine. Terrible how quickly we turn, huh?! x

  2. I love wedding pics too :-) I would do mine over again and have so much different. There are some really pretty things out there!

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