Dear So and So….Ranty and Wingey


A new discovery and this sounds like fun, so here we go…. But of a ranty wingy post, but hey, tonight I do not care :)


Look over at Three Bedroom Bungalow for its origins and just a bloody good blog.

Dear Bub 1 and Bub 2,

Do you think we can have one day. ONE. DAY. when you do not jump on each other for the most minor of things. You will need to be tolerant human beings one day and you aren’t quite at the pissed off teen stage so if we could just skip the “he’s singing and its annoying” “he’s in my space” “he’s breathing loudly” and the resultant “and he WON”T STOP” and the then resultant “SHE WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE” waaaaah tantrum – it would be really nice.

Much love your Mum who wonders how we will get through 12-18 if this is what it is like at 8 and 10


Dear Brain,

Yeah, the panic attacks, just stop it. While you’re at it if you could explain to my body that it doesn’t need 7 litres of water a day to avoid illness I would greatly appreciate it.


She who feels like she is drowning every day literally and figuratively


Dear Blowflies,

Stay out of the Rabbit hutch. You are a unnicessary parasite. Bugger off. And take the mosquitos with you.

That is all.

She who has several itching spots and a daughter who desperately doesn’t want her new bunny to be flyblown.


Dear Person-who-shall-not-be-named (because I’m slightly superstitious about the whole religion thing)

I understand how full on and busy your job is, I really, really do, I’ve lived with someone who did something almost exactly the same thing for many years, but come on telling us you are free “any time” means “any time” not “any time except for the one day you have organised all the people I have told you to organise all those people for so you will have to find another time” and then when we do, and we try to ask you – you won’t tell us YES or NO. for me, I don’t mind, for the lovely others I DO. A LOT. You might be busy. You may be respected, but c’mon….give us a break? Please?

Yours, obscurely

Mother of two eager children who is trying to organise something kind of important


Dear Digital TV,

You are not as good as we were promised. I do not appreciate the continual replaying of old TV shows twice in one day. Surely all the stations have bought enough episodes of stuff to fill a 24 hour period….oh and some of your scheduling choices? Just wrong.

You know what I mean



Dear Erection dysfunction Ad,

The idea of a woman standing on her husbands erect penis to get at a biscuit jar that is too high for her to reach is JUST.WRONG. for many reasons. What if people actually try this? did you think of that? Oh and playing it between 11am – 3pm – not OK, think of kids off school and sick…I mean c’mon, how believable is “Oh he has a ladder in his dressing gown” to any child – I mean that is certainly NOT something you want kids trying. really not.

Someone who is worried that kids and teenagers and maybe even just blokes might get the wrong idea and hell the whole concept is disturbing



Feel better after that :) If you made it this far well, well done :)




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12 responses to “Dear So and So….Ranty and Wingey

  1. Kat

    How have I *not* seen this ad??

  2. I loved this. You know how I appreciate rantiness. :)

    Spot on target for all concerned. That erectile dysfunction ad is just dodgy as. Although, from a male point of view, it does raise some interest. (No pun intended!) Could the treatment really be that effective? If so, maybe it’s worth a call…

    Digital TV – they’re replaying all the wrong shows. I have a long list of ones I’d like them to be playing instead… But then I would probably not do anything other than watch TV. Not conducive to having a life.

    We should show the Bubs their letter. Think it might make a difference?

  3. Very funny. Can totally related to Bubs 1 and 2 – given all the toys in the house, you;d think my 2 boys could find something more constructive to do than annoy the hell out of each other. But, alas, no.

  4. What does it say about the Australian male that even an erectile dysfunction ad is turned into an opportunity for macho chest-beating about virility?


  5. Ranty and whingey works for me :D

    Is it wrong that I’m about to youtube google search that advert?

  6. ‘Kay am worried becuase my 2 dd’s are at same stage as your bubs and they’re 6 and 2. I will so have to move out before they hit teenage years!

  7. Katharine

    I happened to see that ad yesterday for the first time…the man opens his robe…the woman starts to climb up….and I actually made such a suddenly surprised-and-revolted “WTF?” noise my husband called out from the next room to see what was up with me……it’s so wrong, and weird, on so many levels. I’m intrigued/a tad frightened about the brain of the advertising person who came up with it. This is why I limit commercial TV! :)

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