hump day happiness



Okay – this week is going to be a struggle, but if you want to see a series of the middle of the week good things that do not suck try Nomie at Under The Yardarm

So here we go….

1. My little girls birthday – she’s 11! and was so happy :) had a lovely day thanks to bub 2 and my extended family

2. Bee removalists who come around the same day you need them, reassure you the bees are gone from the bathroom wall and put special bee repellant powder everywhere so they won’t come back ( I’m just a little bit scared of bees)

3. My new found ability to be happy for an old ex boyfriend who is falling in love, and going through the whole do I call her- don’t I call her dilemma – makes me smile :)

There. Did it :)



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2 responses to “hump day happiness

  1. In what has been a hard week you have still found some things to smile about…
    Thanks for joining in xxx

  2. All good things and I’m glad you could find them this week. I know it’s been a suckish one, to say the least.

    Our girl had a great birthday, thanks in no small part to you. You’re a brilliant Mum. :)

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