The Bunnies of Laughter or You could have Somebody’s Eye out with that!

Its all fun and games until....

So, To be completely out of synch with the last few blogs here was the most brilliant moment from today…

Bub 1 and Bub 2 have recently received 2 bunnies.

2 Female bunnies.

One is a big brown furry splodge, the kind of rabbit that would be lying on the couch or the beach, sipping a coffee and watching a DVD on its weekend off (if it were able of human like things)

One is a little black lithe thing – that could quite easily be imagined to be in full “tennis mum” kit every day – with little white skirt, polo shirt, sweatband, wristbands, pom pom socks and all (yes I have an overactive imagination).

And this morning Bub 2 came to DOC with these immortal words “(tennis mum bunny) keeps trying to hump (sloth bunny)”

DOC asked if he was sure, he said yes and upon further questioning Bub 2 decided that they were Lesbian Bunnies. Again – his own words.

So DOC – not being sure if there was such a thing went to check on the situation and upon *ahem* examination they appeared the same.

Which required Googling.

Which resulted in discovering both bloody sexes are the same until the boy gets testicles at any time up to 20 weeks unless you perform some kind of internal exam type thing (am not going to explain – there is a link here if you are that interested – needless to say it feels VERY, VERY WRONG.)

And as it appeared they were both female after that investigation – this required more Googling – which led to a useful page about pairing rabbits by “The Colorado House Rabbit Society”, as all rabbits need friends.

First it told us the “humping” was normal, and could be motivated by dominance (which as Sloth bunny is twice the size of tennis bunny I fully accept) or Sexuality or Affection (which is kind of sweet really and had me thinking, “Oh good I can tell them it’s just the rabbits having a wrestle or a special hug to show each other they love one another or because they are trying to work out who is stronger – you know, as you do, before you remember that your 8-year-old already recognised it as Lesbian Sex)

But then, Oh dear, then I came to the section that made me laugh more than I have in months.

If you follow the link at the bottom of the page to the site, look under “Dominance Displays” there will be  this line which made me fall over (literally) with tears streaming from my eyes…

“Do not allow the male to mount the female’s head if you can’t see her nose poking out from under him.”

Just like that – Bold Italic and everything…And the reason? Not because no rabbit likes to be “mounted” in the head – oh no but because

“If she doesn’t like what he is doing, she may bite his penis”.

I think there is a lesson in this for females everywhere.

(oh, and how do we deal with this rather “tricky” situation of mounting as far as the “Colorado House Rabbit Society” is concerned?

“If he tries to mount her head, push him gently so her nose is sticking out or so he is mounting her shoulder.”

Not just pull him off. No, no that would impair the close bonding developed by a guy trying to shove something into your eye that doesn’t belong there because he can’t tell one end of you from the other)

I just couldn’t leave this gem out – this too had both DOC and I in near hysterics –

“Sometimes the two rabbits will each begin trying to mount each other, causing them to circle, head to tail. This must be broken up immediately. Each rabbit is getting frustrated, dizzy, and angry!” Now tell me that, in abstract isn’t just a little bit funny?

Incidentally – all credit to the “Colorado House Rabbit Society” they have provided a very informative page on the pairing of Rabbits thank you for the info and thank you for the laughter.



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6 responses to “The Bunnies of Laughter or You could have Somebody’s Eye out with that!

  1. This needed to be blogged. It was great to see you laughing so much reading the Rabbit Society advice.

    I think there’s something in this for all of us, don’t you? :)

  2. Katharine

    It’s nice to hear (read) something that made you laugh. Not that there’s anything wrong with the other stuff! Hope no one’s had their eye out yet ! :) I’m loving the “No, no that would impair the close bonding developed by a guy trying to shove something into your eye that doesn’t belong there because he can’t tell one end of you from the other.”….:)

    I agree, there are lessons to be learned from these penis-biting lady rabbits. :)

  3. This so needed to be blogged we have two bunnies, males though. Since the weather has been snowing we have brought them in and they are so funny to watch. Hope they bring you as much enjoyment as reading about them xx

  4. I may have to twitter this later – the funniest thing I’ve read in AGES. I’m struggling not to laugh out loud in the middle of this rather grand setting I’m killing time.

    “What are you laughing about, person-we’re-paying-to-work-here?”
    “It’s this article about…er…”

  5. Ohmyfreakishword!! I just about pissed myself!
    Ummm………. good luck with that!! LOL

  6. Two things ~ 1. That was so funny… all of it, not just the warning about bunnies and penis biting.

    2. I love, LOVE that this piece of funny, light happy blogging was written by you. I can see your happiness in this post, and that is worth all the lesbian bunnies the world can muster.


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