Hello my poor neglected blog.

It’s not that I haven’t been thinking of you, I have, really I have, but I’ve also been hurting a lot – so I would either have come here to whine  at you about how much people have been hurting me, and why do people act the way they do, or else with a disconnected mess of head-wool (which is all I have at the moment)

It is the end of the school year.


Ok. This is getting scary now. My little girl is going into grade 6 next year. Grade bloody SIX. I remember that year SO WELL.

And then to High School. But before I need a paper bag to breathe into and several Valium, I’ll just reign all of the mother angst in to write about last nights school break up church service.

Maybe it was because I was used to Speech Night in junior school which was all concerty and special and every year did a song and a skit thing, and the grade 6’s were given their end of primary school certificates and it was all very special and well, kind of huge.

Maybe it was because I was used to a massive Carol service at St Pauls in the city for Senior School with beautiful music and being a part of the choir.

Maybe its just because after growing up around priests and churches I expect a little more.

Maybe I’ve been spoilt by private schools.

I’m willing to take all of this into account.

But at what was meant to be an “End of Year Celebration and Thank You mass for teachers and families who are leaving the school and a farewell for the grade six students” I think it fell, well, pretty flat.

Firstly – no carols – in my book, if you want to keep kids entertained and its near christmas throw in some carols, if you want any parents to sing at all make sure the hymns aren’t all in the highest octave possible. Oh, and maybe make some of them recognisable?

Secondly – overhead projectors *sigh* I have issues with these in churches – always have – have never seen the harm in giving out an order of service and a hymn book for people to follow from their seat – but if the overhead projection is good then go for it – if the slides aren’t that great and aren’t even all on the screen – maybe you need someone else to do it – and no it wasn’t a child who had done it – there is no way even I am that harsh – that would be endearing :)

Thirdly- Unpreparedness – the grade sixes didn’t know what was going on, weren’t sitting together and all looked rather surprised when called out the front to receive their certificate/booklet thing.

And my main problem – the Sermon – not a Joyous you are all wonderful, it’s a happy time of year sermon, not a we’ll be sad to see you go…no…the preist chose to talk about Mikayla Francis

which yes, is very important, and yes, is very sad, but is it appropriate for a service that is meant to be a celebration?

And do children of ages 4 and up need to hear how quickly she died and how she died and how wonderful she was because she said “Heaven will be awesome”?

And the connection between this and the children leaving the school?  non existant.

And now – when those grade sixes look back on finishing primary school and being given their special certificates and their special day they get to remember that a little girl died and thought heaven would be awesome.

I understand why the priest wanted to speak about this – but surely it was something that could have waited until the weekend? surely these children should be allowed one evening that is just about them and not about others?  I mean the service already had a goodly proportion of thinking about others – families brought gifts to be donated to charity and there was a collection for the churches sister parish overseas with in-depth explanation. But half an hour about the death of a seven year old? It was a bit much even for me…

Am I just overreacting in my typical “I know how much it upset me and I’m an adult wouldn’t it suck if I was a child” way? Or should children always have to think of the ‘bigger picture’ no matter what the situation?




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2 responses to “Suitability?

  1. I’m totally with you on the sermon. So out of whack with the whole point of the event. A message to be preached at a church, sure, but not last night.

    There’s also something about the girl that bothers me, although I can’t put my finger on it. The dodgy Herald-Sun article doesn’t help. Yes, it is sad that a girl that young died, but aren’t all deaths sad? Aren’t all lives a loss when they end?

    In other news, GAH! Grade 6 next year is freaking me out a bit. She’s not that big yet. No really she’s not…

  2. Priests. Robespierre had the right idea in that one specific area.

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