A-Z of me….

Shamelessly stolen from ‘A Giraffe in a Scarf’ A really good blog indeed – pop over there for a read:)

A. Age: 32. Ugh. Feel so old, and like I have missed most of my 20’s somewhere (perhaps down the back of the couch)

B. Bed Size: Double. Rented. New Rented. But still Rented. creepy thought that.

C. Chore You Dislike: Most? Washing Dishes

D. Dogs: None. Want one for my birthday though. I grew up with dogs and I miss them.

E. Essential Start to Your Day: A litre of Cranberry/water mix. And much walking into walls.

F. Favorite Color: Black or Red or Blue

G. Gold or Silver: Silver. I can’t wear gold.

H. Height: 172cm

I. Instruments You Play(ed): Violin, Chello, Oboe, Piano. Oh and the obligatory recorder. And the penny whistle.

J. Job Title: DSP/ Student/ Actor.

K. Kids: Yup. 2. Old now. Eeep!

L. Live: Victoria, Australia

M. Mum’s Name: Elizabet (never Liz, or Lizzie and apparently not Elizabeth anymore…)

N. Nicknames: Nup, none, ever

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: Oh god – so many too many to write here – 10 weeks in one, and about 8 overnights

P. Pet Peeves: Obsession with accuracy that works in someone elses favour ( as in “You were twenty minuites late” “No I wasn’t I was 18” seriously???? that 2 minuites makes the difference how exactly?? Oh and being treated like a child or told to do something as in “You should go to bed now its late” Even if I was thinking EXACTLY that I then won’t. Just Because. So there. :P

Q. Quote from a Movie: hmmmm…too many again.

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: None – but many step ones that I hardly know – essentially I am an only child.

T. Time You Wake Up: Variable. Very very variable. But always at around 7.30am. If I go back to sleep after bacause I didn’t sleep till 6 after that is another thing entirely.

U. Underwear: well yes, I wear it. Never a g-string either. Right now it is (shock) black.

V. Veggies You Don’t Like: Parsnip – looks like a Ogres penis (oh there is a quote from a book that can fill the quote from film slot) also brussel sprouts.

W. What Makes You Run Late: Never me. Ever. obsessed with being early

X. X-Rays You’ve Had: None I think

Y. Yummy Food You Make: scones, cake, toffee baskets oh and a PARTICULARLY NICE cherry and almond christmas cake which SOME PEOPLE choose not to like at all..

Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: little monkeys around heat lamps.



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6 responses to “A-Z of me….

  1. Oh I love this do you mind if I steal it I think it is a great post! With you on the pet peeves thing as well, my father is the one who does that all the time xx

  2. This is great! Lovely to get to know a bit more about you. Also, I am going to steal this. ;-)

  3. Great idea for a post!

  4. Age. Zero, I say ZERO sympathy from me, stripling!

  5. Zoe

    I am SO behind in commenting! Sorry! I love it, it’s nice to learn a little more about you. And I HATE being told what to do too, even in advertising. I don’t mind if they’re just telling me why a product is good, but I have been known to yell ‘Don’t tell me what to do!’ at the TV if they actually say I need to buy the product. :)

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