About LSU (Because she didn’t realise this would be her screen name and can’t for the life of her work out how to change it)

Am, in no specific order, An actor, A mother of two, A student, prone to various assorted illnesses, a creator of bizzare poetry, unable to sleep till 3am and an avid devourer of books. Here to write about life-as-it-is-for-me….

Lives in a HOUSE (with more than 4 rooms people! this is major grown up stuff now) with DOC (Dad of Children) (otherwise known as “Drawing Dad”), Bub1, my sweet girl, now aged 10, Bub2, darling boy, now aged 8.



9 responses to “About LSU (Because she didn’t realise this would be her screen name and can’t for the life of her work out how to change it)

  1. If I ever meet this person I will probably set the Minx on them. You are now the Christmas 2009 recipient of the I Love Your Words Blog award. Please feel free to tell he or she to stick that in their spellchecker and smoke it.

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  3. Great list. Wish I lived closer to the sea so I could go each week. Miss it deeply. A couple of suggestions for No 21 on your list – watch more Aussie and Kiwi films – My lovely Englishman bought me Black Sheep for Xmas. Very funny (dark sense of humour) about were-sheep in NZ. I also watched Wolf Creek last year (about backpacking in Aust) but was too scared to watch the end of it.

  4. I also have this page hidden on the blog somewhere – it exists I’m just not sure wehere – so I am putting a link here : https://lifeslightlyused.wordpress.com/about/etsy-this-is-out-of-control-list/ – so i don’t lose it.

  5. fender4eva

    Like all of us, you are conscious of your flaws and hangups. You are you , and don’t ever change that. It’s what makes your blog so readable :-D……..

  6. My gosh, what a gorgeous blog! Is it all yours or you bring other stuff in? (Links aren’t working for me – computer on the blink and working at 10% which meant 9 tries to get to here but so so SO worth it).

    Tell that spell checker to go find a life elsewhere. I love what I’ve seen. I mean really love.


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