Copied – Borrowed from Thea over at “Do I Really want To Blog” because I think it is kind of cool and was fun and is where I found my enjoyable in the mundaine today – just talking to The Monkey and Willfull one.

So here they are – The inside scoop on the  two most important people in my life…

The Monkey and The Willful One

1. What do you want to do when you grow up?

a Ninja, really?, really? A dancing ninja. This is the boy who wanted to be a dance teacher a week ago *sigh*

Vet/Actor Yup, she’s been saying this for a while now :)

2. How old are you?

28 , I’m 8


3. How old am I?



Cool, my kids know how old I am, I never knew my mums age :)

4. How old is Dad?

43  (HA HA!)

34 (Yup – she’s right- hence HA HA!)

5. what do you like most about school?

The uniform, wait , no my friends I love this answer :)

err …art – predictable is my daughter :)

6. What do you like to do outside?

play downball

err…taps chin…run

7. What do you like to do inside?

play the Wii – bloody typical

watch tv, play wii,  play ds and talk and watch screen savers (laughs) – even more bloody typical :) they had great fun last night watching her screen saver made up of a series of random Lol cats and cat and dog pictures and giving them Pokemon names – such as ‘Standemon’ for every. ALL. THROUGH.DINNER.

8. What is your favorite toy?

little lamb – this is actually beautiful – its the toy that his sister gave him in hospital when he was born…

Pippin – Electric Blue dog I brought back from a trip to Adelaide for her last year, sleeps with it , adores it :)

9.  What is your favorite Game?


erm… raranilo and ingus r racoon- this requires exposition – she performed in a play last year and they created characters – hers was a dingo called Raranilo. So I suppose ‘imaginary games’

10. Do you have a favorite TV show?

yes, prank patrol or cj the dj

rollercoaster done with appropriate hand gestures

11. Do you have a favorite movie?


er…monsters vs aliens

12. do you have a favorite book?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – the  3rd one – these books are brilliant my once non reading boy loves reading now :)

Goosebumps and jack russel dog dective as well,  its cute…

13. What is you favorite colour?



14. What is your favorite number?



15. Whats your favorite food?



16. Whats something that’s really good for you?


Lovelike this”- hugs my knees- she is sitting at my feet on couch. She isn’t that short.

17. Do you have a best friend?


Olivia. These are two sisters who they are best friends with from Melbourne – it is beautiful seeing them together :)

18. What time do you usually go to bed?


8.tirty – or 8 in silly voice now…erm NO, bedtime is 8, they both know this *sigh*

19. What time do you wake up?

around 7.50 and 7

8.56 or 7.05 or something Oh this made me Laugh – they wake up before 7am every morning and leave for school at 8.45…maybe she really doesn’t wake up till 8.56 – explains a lot…

20. Anything else you’d like to Add?

yes. your favorite friend that’s a boy and girl
girl is Claudia , boy is Shaun. (Shaun is a new friend at his new school so this makes me happy)

I like cats they are cool. they rock ha ha. they are awesome, and they are cute, ok stop it now… (SO willful one this comment )

Ah , my babies, they make even the most ordinary of questions extraordinary and delightful…:)



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20 responses to “Interviews…

  1. Love it. I did something similar with my daughter earlier this week but haven’t posted it yet. I think I’ll poach some of your questions if you don’t mind ; ).

  2. I love love love it!!!
    I could almost see the three of you. That was a gorgeous little insight into your world, thank you!
    They’re like chalk & cheese aren’t they? Beautiful!! :)

  3. Brilliant! What a great way to learn a bit more about your life.

  4. How sweet is that. I wonder if I should try an interview?

  5. The loveliest of children are they. I’m glad you shared this little bit of them with everyone.

  6. Aww they are just fab! Lovely to see their characters shining through their words :)

    • I loved that too – also strangely spooky they have the same favorite number as i interviewed them at different times and they didn’t ovehear each other…
      either there is a conspiracy going on or…*cue spooky music* :)

  7. I might use this in a few years to come as it’s really great! :)

  8. A friend

    so cute, I want them!

  9. so damn cute. i want kids just so i can play this game

  10. I’d try this with dudelet but it would degenerate into some kind of Dada text all too rapidly. Provided I could get him to cooperate in the first place. Little elf isn’t really talking yet, so an interview would be slightly basic…

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