it will be a while…

And I don’t know how much of a while till I can blog again – see we are moving flat tommorrow – and thus will have no phone till Monday and then only dial up internet until – well, essentially, the internet company types in the little bit of code that moves our connection.

We are moving one street over, but to a flat with no more mold.

It is everywhere in here, it hides in baskets and infects favorite shoes and items of clothing and more expensive things like beds and doonas – so I will be glad to have moved on. I am also hoping it will improve my childrens health.

But the big question is, do I homeschool them next term….

Yes I know – kaboom – none of you saw that coming – but I’ll explain it more in a later post…

And for now I will write again soon, take care all, be happy and healthy.

And just because I think it is beautiful, and I have taken no photos in an age.



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3 responses to “it will be a while…

  1. Gosh home schooling, I respect you for even thinking about it. I have a friend who home schools and she swears by it but I know I would not have the patience. Happy moving. Mich x

  2. Everything is crossed for a safe & easy move! Do hope you’ll be back on the blog soon!

  3. You’re right – I definitely didn’t see that coming! Not something we could deal with, I must admit. Hope you all got through the move in one piece…

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